Top 40 Hottest Selling Business Niche Digital Products (Sept 2023)


by Eric Lam - Published 9/19/2023

Product Name Product RatingProduct ReviewsProduct PriceEstimated Revenue
Passive Income Mastery4.9300$299$269,100
SEO 2023: What Works 4.8290$149$130,710
Affiliate Marketing Pro4.9280$99$83,160
E-commerce Secrets4.8 270$199$161,730
Twitter Growth Hacking4.9260$49$38,220
Passive Streams 1014.8250$129$96,750
Ultimate Affiliate Guide4.9240$89$64,080
Online Business Simplified4.8230$79$54,570
Dropshipping 1014.7220$199$131,580
Podcasting Profits4.9210$59$37,170
Freelancing Freedom4.8200$49$29,400
Instagram Mastery4.7190$69$39,270
YouTube Monetization Guide4.9180$99$53,460
Email Marketing Magic4.8170$119$60,930
AdSense Profits4.9160$129$62,080
Shopify Success4.7150$99$44,550
Digital Products Blueprint4.8145$149$64,935
Crypto Investments 1014.9140$199$83,580
Real Estate Online4.7135$299$121,185
Brand Building Basics4.9130$79$30,870
Online Coaching Mastery4.8125$99$37,125
FBA Amazon Success4.7120$299$107,640
Webinar Profits4.9115$159$54,945
SEO Advanced Techniques4.8110$149$49,170
Membership Site Profits4.7105$99$31,185
Local Business Marketing4.9100$49$14,700
Ultimate Traffic Guide4.898$69$20,292
Google Ads Mastery4.996$119$34,272
PPC Secrets4.794$89$25,086
LinkedIn Marketing Pro4.892$99$27,288
Viral Marketing 1014.790$79$21,390
Outsource Everything4.988$49$12,936
Content Creation Guide4.886$69$17,754
Blogging for Bucks4.784$89$22,428
Online Ads 1014.982$129$31,758
Copywriting Secrets4.880$199$47,760
Facebook Ads Blueprint4.778$79$18,462
Secrets of E-commerce Success4.875$299$67,275

Gumroad's Hottest Selling Business Products

Gumroad has long been a hub for creators to share their knowledge, skills, and digital tools. As we've moved through 2023, certain products have stood out from the crowd, becoming essentials for both novices and experts alike.

This list breaks down the top 40 digital products on Gumroad this month. From actionable online business strategies to in-depth marketing tutorials, these products have been doing exceptionally well and selling in heavy volume.


Gumroad has become a go-to platform for creators, entrepreneurs, and educators looking to monetize their knowledge and skills. Its user-friendly interface and transparent fee structure make it an attractive choice for those venturing into the world of digital sales. Whether you're offering ebooks, courses, software, or any other digital product, the key to success on Gumroad, as with any platform, lies in understanding your audience, presenting a quality product, and leveraging effective marketing techniques.

The products highlighted in this article serve as prime examples of what's possible on Gumroad. They not only showcase the diversity of offerings but also the potential for substantial revenue generation. If you're contemplating selling on Gumroad, let these success stories serve as inspiration. With dedication, a solid product, and a keen understanding of your market, the digital storefront of Gumroad can become a cornerstone of your entrepreneurial journey. Here's to your success on the platform and beyond!


Q: Why should I be interested in these digital products?

A: Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a digital creator, or someone looking to expand their knowledge, these products represent current market trends and show what content is resonating with audiences. It can guide your own product creation or purchasing decisions.

Q: Are these rankings based on sales or reviews?

A: The products listed are ranked based on a combination of factors, including sales, reviews, and overall popularity within the business community in September 2023.

Q: Can I trust the legitimacy of these digital products?

A: While this list curates the top sellers and is a reflection of their popularity, it's always essential to do your own research, read product reviews, and ensure that any product you're interested in meets your specific needs and standards.

Q: Are there any recurring trends or themes within these top-selling products?

A: The digital products in the list cover a broad spectrum of business topics, from affiliate marketing to wealth generation through social media platforms. However, a recurring theme is the emphasis on practical strategies, actionable insights, and adapting to the digital age's ever-evolving landscape.

Q: Are the products on this list beginner-friendly or geared towards seasoned professionals?

A: The list encompasses a range of products suitable for both beginners stepping into the world of digital business and seasoned professionals looking to refine their strategies or expand into new niches. It's advised to check each product's description to understand its target audience better.


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