40 Most Engaged Subreddits In September 2023


by Eric Lam - Published 9/25/2023

SubredditSubmissions Per DayMembers

Reddit, a social media platform, consists of numerous subreddits. This report presents data on the 40 most engaged subreddits in September 2023.

Metrics Explained

For the purpose of this analysis, we've considered two primary metrics:

  • Submissions Per Day: The average number of posts made daily.
  • Members: Total number of subscribed users.


Observations from the list of top engaged subreddits in September 2023 reveal several trends.

First, there remains a persistent interest in Pokemon Go, as seen from the high engagement on subreddits like r/PokemonGoRaids and r/PokemonGoFriends, despite the game being released years ago.

Additionally, there's a notable demand for mental health and support platforms on Reddit. This is evident from the substantial membership in subreddits such as r/Advice, r/BreakUps, r/depression, and r/Anxiety.

Gaming, as a category, retains its popularity with communities like r/Warthunder, r/NBA2k, and r/2007scape featuring prominently.

Furthermore, the diverse interests of Reddit's user base are highlighted by the range of topics in the most engaged subreddits, spanning from gaming and health to unique hobbies. This includes areas like r/mycology, which focuses on the study of fungi, and r/Aquariums, dedicated to aquatic enthusiasts.

Leveraging High-Engagement Subreddits

The high engagement seen in specific subreddits presents a unique and lucrative opportunity for businesses aiming to cater to these passionate audiences.

Tapping into these communities, especially those centered around specific interests or needs, can be transformative for a business.

For instance, considering the considerable demand evident in mental health-focused subreddits like r/Advice, r/BreakUps, r/depression, and r/Anxiety, launching a mental health app or platform tailored to the needs and feedback of these communities can drive significant traction.

The users in these spaces are not only looking for advice and support but might also be on the lookout for tools or platforms that can help them cope or connect with others sharing similar experiences.

Similarly, for a business catering to gamers, the active and engaged communities in subreddits such as r/Warthunder, r/NBA2k, and r/2007scape can provide an excellent platform for launching gaming peripherals, software, or even in-game content.

Since these communities are highly engaged, they're likely to share, discuss, and provide feedback on products or services that cater directly to their interests.

By aligning a business's offerings with the specific interests and needs of these communities, one can harness the power of organic engagement, ensuring not only visibility but also credibility and trust in a market that's already invested in the topic at hand.

Staying Ahead with Emerging Subreddit Trends

Reddit's dynamic nature means that while some subreddits maintain consistent engagement over time, others might emerge, gain momentum, and quickly rise in popularity. These shifting trends offer businesses an opportunity to be pioneers in new and rapidly growing communities like Shadow Work and Podcasting.

Being attuned to these emerging subreddits can grant businesses a significant first-mover advantage and provide signals to business categories that would have instant product validation.

Jumping into a subreddit in its infancy or during its rapid growth phase can position a business as a forerunner, allowing it to shape discussions, establish a brand presence, and be recognized as a key player before competitors even set foot. Moreover, early involvement in a community can foster deeper ties, leading to more genuine feedback and collaboration opportunities. Combining a rapidly growing subreddit with a product that's already doing well in another niche, could be a successful model to parlay this growth data into.

However, it's not just about being first; it's about being relevant and authentic. Communities value contributions that align with their ethos and interests. Thus, businesses should not only scout for emerging subreddits but also invest time in understanding their culture, norms, and values. Engaging genuinely and constructively can cement a business's reputation as a trusted and valued member rather than just another entity trying to capitalize on a trend.

While established, high-engagement subreddits offer a ready and engaged audience, emerging ones present an untapped potential. Regularly monitoring Reddit's landscape, using tools or analytics, and being nimble in approach can enable businesses and new entrepreneurs to seize these emerging opportunities, ensuring they're always at the forefront of community engagement and growth.


Reddit stands as a testament to the internet's capacity for community-building and user engagement. This analysis of the 40 most engaged subreddits in September 2023 has provided a snapshot of the platform's diverse range of interests and the intensity of its user participation. From evergreen interests like Pokemon Go and gaming to the pressing need for mental health resources, Reddit's communities showcase the platform's vast potential as both a reflection of contemporary culture and a space for businesses to engage with devoted audiences.


  1. Why should businesses monitor the most engaged subreddits?
    • Monitoring provides insights into active audiences and trending topics, offering potential markets for businesses to tap into.
  2. How do engaged subreddits benefit businesses?
    • They offer direct access to passionate, invested communities, allowing for genuine feedback and targeted marketing.
  3. Is high engagement a sign of a profitable market?
    • High engagement often indicates active participation and interest, which can translate to a receptive audience for relevant products or services.
  4. Can emerging subreddits offer advantages to businesses?
    • Yes, early engagement in rising subreddits can give businesses a first-mover advantage and deeper community integration.
  5. Are established or emerging subreddits better for business engagement?
    • Both offer value. While established ones provide a ready audience, emerging ones can present untapped opportunities.


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