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Depop Fee Calculator

Selling on Depop offers the exciting opportunity to reach a wide audience, but it's essential to understand the financial aspects, particularly the fees involved. Our Depop Fee Calculator is crafted to provide clear insights into the fees deducted from your sales, ensuring you know exactly what your net earnings will be.

What is a Depop Fee Calculator?

An indispensable tool for Depop sellers, the Fee Calculator helps you determine the exact amount you'll earn from each sale after fees. By inputting your sale price, the calculator applies Depop's standard 10% fee to give you a precise calculation of your earnings, empowering you with the knowledge for better pricing and budgeting decisions.

Benefits of Using a Depop Fee Calculator

Understanding your earnings is crucial for a successful Depop business. Our calculator removes the guesswork, allowing you to quickly ascertain the fee and net amount you'll receive for each item sold. This clarity is invaluable for pricing strategy, helping you stay competitive while ensuring profitability.

How Does the Depop Fee Calculator Work?

Simply enter the price at which you plan to sell your item, and the calculator instantly computes the fee based on Depop's fee structure, providing the net amount you will earn. This straightforward tool is designed to support sellers in making informed decisions swiftly.

Tips for Accurate Calculations

For the most precise earnings estimate, ensure the sale price you enter does not include shipping costs, as Depop's fee is calculated on the item price alone. Regularly using the calculator for all your listings can help in maintaining a profitable Depop shop.


With the Depop Fee Calculator, you gain a powerful ally in managing your Depop sales. It equips you with critical financial insights, ensuring every sale contributes positively to your business. Ideal for both new and experienced sellers, it's the perfect tool to enhance your Depop selling experience.

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